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Access Office is an EveriWare collaboration database site.
It uses a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple web-based platform.
We use it to run our project development spaces, document management systems, expenses and timesheet collection product, knowledge base.

About This Site:

HMW Computing has been active in interactive on-line systems for over 25 years. From timesharing systems,
through PC networks to Internet based systems, we have always been on the cutting edge of collaborative systems.

This site uses a highly tailored version of the acclaimed TWiki software.

Note Please Note: This is a static web page. It does not give any idea of the capabilities of the EveriWare software.
Due to a number of attempted abuses of the open access to this site, we have had to restrict it to staff and clients of EveriWare

Most Active Collaborations:

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HMW Computing Administration
Quality Assurance ISO 9000

Sample Screenshots:

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EveriWare and Access Office are trading names of HMW Computing which owns and operates this site on behalf of the 4xtra Alliance
Login credentials for these demonstration systems are only issued by permission of the webmaster